Fresh Fruits and Veggies delivered to your door!

FARMS to COMMUNITIES is a new CSA by Growing Together. We are increasing food access by connecting families around Oakland with one another, and with local farmers, to mutually support one another.

Now, you can order a weekly home delivery of fruits and vegetables (almost all organic, and locally grown) through our Community Support Box or Mutual Aid Box. Read more about us and the story of how this project came about here.

Pounds of Fresh Food Delivered
Oakland Families Served
Jobs Created in Oakland
Local Farms Supported

What’s In The Box:

The image to the right is an example of what comes in a weekly box. Each week varies in exact contents. Weekly orders weigh 12-15 pounds.

Winter 2021 orders may include:

Apples • Avocados • Celery • Greens • Herbs • Pomegranates • Lettuce • Lemons • Oranges • Carrots • Onions • Potatoes

Almost all produce included is grown here in California, and sourced from organic and sustainable farmers.

Community Support Box $35/ WEEK

Sign-up for a delivery of produce at a market rate of $35/week, we’ll provide the same delivery to a qualified family in our community for just $10/week. You’ll receive a generous assortment of approximately 12-15 pounds of farm fresh vegetables and fruits – and you’ll be helping provide fresh food for another family.

Mutual Aid Box

$10/ WEEK

Does your family qualify for fresh food at a discounted rate?

If you have already been receiving our fresh food delivery through OUSD or if you qualify for free/reduced lunch, click the button below and enter your promotional code to register for a weekly produce box at reduced cost of $10/week.


Make a Donation of Any Amount!

We welcome you to make a donation to support this program, whether you’re signing up for the food delivery service or not. For example, a donation of $100 will provide weekly deliveries of fresh produce to a qualified family for an entire month.

Thank you!

How Your Support Makes a Difference

FACILITATE MUTUAL AID: We understand ourselves as a part of a community in which our wellbeing is intertwined with one another. We are committed to principles of food justice and are inspired by mutual aid community movements.

CREATE JOBS IN OAKLAND: We are hiring local. Our current packing and delivery staff consists of over 35 people who are almost all parents of our OUSD students, and are paid a fair wage of $35/hr.

SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS: We purchase from local, organic, small scale growers. We are purchasing through select distributors who work directly with farmers. More information on who we source from here.

COVID Safety

We’re following USDA recommended protocols in food handling and packing. We are packing in OUSD’s commercial kitchens and outdoor spaces, distancing, sanitizing often, and wearing masks for food packing and delivery.

Thank you for being part of our community!