$10/week for Qualified Families

$10/week for Qualified Families

$10.00 / week

Qualified families can receive a generous assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables from local organic and sustainable farms – delivered to your home. The standard price is $35. Enter the promo code that you were given via the email from OUSD – and sign up for weekly deliveries for just $10.



If you have been receiving fresh food deliveries through the Growing Together – OUSD program, please register and enter the code on the flyer sent to you. If you believe that your family may qualify for the food at the reduced cost of $10/week – please send us a message on the Contact page and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Standard price is $35/week – you may sign up with the promo code for $10/week.

Qualified families will receive an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables every week for just $10/ week!

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